Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: Bella (and Peaches)


On this blessed Boobie Wednesday, we salute (read: lust after) not only one of the hottest plus size ladies, but also one of the brightest personalities in porn. I love watching anything Bella does because in addition to being ridiculously hot, she lights up the screen with her sense of humor. Bella is a life of the party type, a woman who seems to get real enjoyment from what she does, and someone whom I'd love to hang out and have a drink with. She is also one of those porn chicks whose acting chops transcend the world of smut, and I think Bella could have a realistic shot at roles in "regular" films. Regardless of her plans in the industry, Bella is one of the special ones, and I'm sure her personality, as well as her looks, has endeared her to many BBW admirers and made her the favorite of many of you. Today, of course we celebrate Bella's cute boobies, two of the many highlights of her perfectly voluptuous body. Not sure what Bella's up to currently.

The pics, as well as the clip below were brought to you courtesy of chubbyloving, a great site for BBW porn enthusiasts who, like me, appreciate natural, real and raw sex. The site has a very amateur feel to it, and I mean that in a very complimentary way. All of the photos and video clips have a simple sexiness, and many times this results in some of the hottest content available. There is such a thing as over-production, and chubbyloving simply lets the sex take center stage and gets out of the way. Join the site today.


You know, Peaches has nice boobies too, and she has a plumperpass update today that may be her best stuff ever. Check that out as well.

That's it for today. I'm starting to get that tightness in my pants that only a new NFL season can bring, so tomorrow we'll mix in a little pigskin preview with our porn.

Later, kids.


  1. Bella is one of my all time favorites.. I'm so happy to see her doing hardcore.. *drools*

  2. Bella's my ATF, too! I have a crush on her that borders on obsession.

  3. SD drooling over other girls is one of the best things about this blog LOL. I agree, guys. Bella is awesome!

  4. Whats going on with big girls there seems to be a growing attraction to them in certain circles. Recently I visited an old college friend who has married a divorced heavy woman, her ex said too fat. She seems to be a very smart and friendly woman I was unattracted to her untill Don showed me some photos he had taken of her, hot oh yes I felt like beating off. Later that week I thought of my neighbour Rhona shes about 5'3" and weighs maybe 245 lbs. Up untill now no reaction but after seeing pictures of Dons new wife there about the same size I started to wonder how she looks naked. Well only one way to find out, I knocked on her door and arranged a saturday night date. After the movie and dinner I took her home and was invited in, yes I found out the attraction. What a lay she had me begging for more and more. Were a couple now and yes big girls are hot.