Thursday, September 2, 2010

The hotness of: Candace Moon

Will someone please explain to me how I have been online for over a year now and haven't posted about Candace Moon? BBWF is obviously not exactly a top flight porn blog if someone as unbelievably sexy as this flies under our radar.

Well, today we step up our game, and bring you a taste of what I honestly believe is some of the best BBW content available online. Emphasis on the word "honestly." I chastise myself openly for not posting about Candace before today, but the truth is I'm glad that I didn't jump the gun and say "hey go look at this hot chick," or something to that effect, without really seeing her for myself. BBW Fascination is not just a blog that blindly and indiscriminately promotes fat girls who get naked on the internet. I'm a guy, and I like to blog about models whose content actually moves me.

This is why you don't see a lot of promo material on this blog. I'm considering making BBWF an affiliate of different porn sites around the Web, but I don't want to pump up anything that I don't believe in, and I want every post to reflect exactly what's going on in my pervy little mind, and not some obligatory promotional thing. When I post something, I like being able to honestly say that I've seen the pics, seen the clips, and even genuinely find the model beautiful and talented.

So, though I've been aware of Candace for a long while, and I have always thought she was ridiculously gorgeous, I haven't posted about her because I haven't really sampled the material. I have recently been sampling Candace's work, and the past few days have been a revelation for me. I was absolutely blown away by her photo sets and video clips, and I highly recommend that you join her site (as I did) and browse her clip store.

Today, we'll give you some examples of what makes Candace's stuff so uniquely hot. It's one thing to be hot. Most women are, though many of them don't realize it. However, Candace possesses certain qualities that make her stand out even among the best BBW models, and I think her potential in this business is limitless. She has a versatile look, in that she combines a kind of alternative edginess with a sexy girl-next-door sweetness that many models simply can't pull off. Candace's eyes have a captivating quality that set her apart. And for some reason I find the name Candace particularly sexy. I worked with a tall curvy woman by the same name years ago, and I still can't get that name or the memory of her lanky voluptuous body out of my mind. So just hearing that name alone makes parts of me stand at attention.

Below are some pics that illustrate some of the things from Candace's work that had such an impact on me:

Candace has perfect breasts. Perfect. Only God (or whatever you call Him/ Her) could have designed these. Not even the most gifted plastic surgeon can give a woman what Candace has been blessed with. They are plump, symmetrical, and her nipples... well, I can't even think of a way to express how much I want to suck on them. Candace's breasts are a reminder of how beautiful natural breasts can be, not just because of their size, but their uniqueness. Perfect.

Those are the eyes I was talking about. (my goodness!)

One of my favorite aspects of Candace's material is her absolute artistry when it comes to giving head. There are clips and photo sets of Candace sucking cock that will drive you insane. I know, I know... all women look great with a cock in their mouth. But not all women have the expertise or the willingness to make sucking cock the best that it can be. Candace has earned a special place in my perverted little heart because she sucks a dick like a woman who knows what she's doing, and most importantly, LIKES what she's doing. It's beautiful to watch.

Candace and Jade

I'm not sure if I talk about it much here, but I heart girl on girl porn. Actually I heart girl on girl anything. I saw a sexy lesbian couple at the grocery store yesterday that I still can't shake from my mind. One of the ladies was a BBW, and I can't help wondering what they're like in bed. Most men feel the way I do, and Candace provides opportunities for her fans to indulge this fantasy on her website as well as her clip store.

My heartred for girl on girl is even more intense when I see a BBW having the sexy time with a skinny girl. I really think more BBWs should try this. One of my favorite clips from Candace is her intimate encounter with Ruby Violence. Yes, I love the skinny chicks too, and Ruby really does things to me. This size contrast in the Candace/Ruby clips is so sexy to me.

Below are some pics from Candace's latest set:

Here are some links to Candace's work on the Web:

Hope you enjoy the pics. And I am totally serious about my recommendation about Candace's site. Become a member today.

I'll try to squeeze in another post before the Labor Day holiday. Even porn bloggers have to rest on that day.

Later, people.


  1. She's lovely, Chuck. I love the way she paints her eyes, too. So seductive.