Sunday, September 12, 2010

Before and After: Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin)

Sookie (Anna)

In honor of tonight's season finale of Trueblood, one of my favorite shows, and one of the best non-porn places to enjoy sex on your TV, we have a special edition of Before and After. Every once in a while, BBWF explores the possibilities of what certain fleshly challenged celebs would look like if they were to let themselves go, and it usually gives us some pretty interesting food for thought. Of course we support a healthy lifestyle, and skinny girls are hot too, but it can be fun to play around sometimes.

Today we look at Bon Temps' resident telepath (and fairy, apparently) Sookie Stackhouse. Say her name with Bill's voice and over the top southern accent, it's so much fun! Of course Sookie is played by actress Anna Paquin, but honestly, this role is so huge for her that people will be calling her Sookie for the rest of her life anyway, so that will be how we address her for this post.

I came across some pics of lovely BBW Anne Devilish, and I was blown away by the similarities between the two ladies. This little comparison has taught me two things: 1) Sookie would look awesome as a fat chick, and b) Trueblood could use a few fat fang bangers:



We have a few more shots of Anne courtesy of Top Ten Amateur. This woman is breathtaking.

Be sure to check out more of Anne's work, and don't forget to catch the season finale of Trueblood tonight on HBO.

Later, kids.

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