Monday, November 9, 2009

BBWF Gone Black

I was walking across the campus of one of our nation's fine universities the other day, and I encountered a skinny (very skinny, the kind of skinny that conjures images of starving Sudanese children), white woman. Obviously very aware of her supposed hotness, she immediately began vigorously adjusting her clothes to cover any portion of her rail-thin frame that I might see. As I passed her, she gave me a look of sheer paranoia. I wish I could have told her that instead of lusting after her, I really wanted to offer her a McDonald's gift card.

Later that same day, I encountered a Black BBW, dressed in impossibly tight jeans and a form-fitting blouse that had no prayer of containing her breasts, who made my jaw drop to the floor. I could barely take my eyes off of her, but she did not even notice me. In fact, she seemed to be very self-conscious and a bit bashful about her appearance.

This made me think a little about how under appreciated BBWs, and particularly African-American BBWs, are in this society. The skinny white woman, who was, in all fairness, very pretty, was much too prideful, while the Black BBW, who I would have dropped to my knees and worshipped, had no clue of how incredible she looked.

With this in mind, I am dedicating this week's posts to the beauty of the African-American BBW. I have noticed that BBWF has not really given them their due, and this week BBWF will atone.

Today, we have Zena, who is definitely worthy of worship. Enjoy!

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