Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well, people, we have reached the midway point in the NFL season and my boys, the Houston Texans, (you know, America's team) are 5-3 and tied for the last playoff spot in the AFC, both firsts in the history of the franchise. I know, that's sounds pretty pathetic, but if you're a Texans fan you have to be feeling very good right now.

That is until you realize that, in the midst of the revelry following the 31-10 ass-kicking of the dreadful Buffalo Bills, Owen Daniels, the Texans' Pro Bowl tight end has a torn knee ligament and will likely miss the rest of this season. On behalf of Texan fans everywhere, I will express my frustration as eloquently as I can: Fuck!!!!!!!!!!

Daniels has established himself as one of the very best tight ends in the NFL. He has unbelievable hands, giving him the ability to catch virtually anything Matt Schaub throws his way. Since he was drafted in the 4th round out of Wisconsin in 2006, Daniels has become the Texans' most reliable reciever next to the football god that is Andre Johnson. He is currently second in the league among TEs with 40 receptions for 519 yards, averaging 13 yards per catch, phenomenal numbers that would have paid big dividends after the season. Yep, this isn't just disappointing for the fans; Daniels was in a contract year and looking for a pay upgrade at some point.

There is still hope, as the Texans have a young rookie stud in James Casey to replace Daniels. And with all of the other weapons at coach Gary Kubiak's disposal, the Texans still will have one of the most dangerous offenses in the league. Nevertheless, this is still a kick in the balls to a fan base whose testicles are already quite sore. Oh well. Injuries are part of the game. And hey, at least we got the Colts next week.

I noticed that there have been 3 consecutive posts without nudity, so below is my attempt to atone for that most grievous oversight. They are from Maria Moore's recent Plumperpass shoot. Enjoy!

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