Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pirate Radio!

I saw Pirate Radio on Friday, and I have to say that it was one of the most fun times that I have ever had at the movies. The critics aren't exactly raving over it, but this film is visually stunning, laugh out loud funny, and it has a soundtrack that still has me buzzing.

The film is about the early stages of Rock on the radio in the UK and the pioneers who risked everything, including their own lives, to bring it to the people. A compelling true story, especially for those of us who take the widespread availability of music for granted.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman is his usual awesome self as The Count, an American DJ, and one of the most popular on the boat. Rhys Darby of Flight of the Conchords provides some of the funnier moments in the movie, along with Nick Frost as Dave, and Chris O'Dowd as Simon. Rhys Ifans, as the super cool Gavin Kavanagh steals nearly every scene that he's in. The "chicken" scene with Gavin and The Count is some classic shit, at once suspenseful and hysterically funny. Bill Nighy, as Quentin, the head honcho at Radio Rock, provides a cool, authoritative presence for the boat. This character is just as wild and depraved as the other members of the Radio Rock family, but he carries himself with an almost regal dignity that is breathtakingly cool and hilarious. Quentin is the perfect boss.

The story doesn't move along as swiftly as some might like, and it does seem more like a collection of beautiful montages than a coherent narrative at times, but I enjoyed this movie from start to finish. I think any lover of rock 'n' roll will love it as well. It will make you laugh, and you will absolutely fall in love with the Radio Rock family. Go see it, now!

There is much female eye candy in Pirate Radio, as groupie types frequently set sail to join the Radio Rock family on the boat. But none of them, including Mad Men's January Jones, who makes a cameo appearance, is as hot as Dani Amour. Our film is centered on the UK, so we go there for our gratuitous Saturday hotness. Below we have some of Dani's recent shots, courtesy of Plumperpass. Enjoy!!

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