Friday, November 13, 2009

Beautiful, Black, and Very Successful

I thought I'd end this week by taking a look at some of the more famous Black BBWs. They are very beautiful and very successful, and though some of these women have struggled with weight issues, they are proud to be BBWs.

I am sure these lovely ladies would also be proud to find themselves posted on BBWF, but do me a favor and don't tell them. Okay?

Check out these pics of some of the more well-known African-American BBWs. Sorry for the lack of nudity, but believe me, when the Oprah-Stedman sex tape leaks, you'll see it here before too long. Enjoy! And have an awesome weekend.

Comedian/Actress Monique (Check out her fantastic performance in Precious)

Singer Jill Scott (I'd totally marry this woman; she is the embodiment of soul. And scoff if you want, but I would take her over Beyonce or Alicia Keys any day.)

Queen Latifah (I hate to date myself, and the Queen, but I have been crushing on this woman since I was a pre-teen. And she is the sexiest thing on screen in Bringing Down the House)

The very funny Sherri Shepherd (I fucking hate The View, but Sherri is awesome. This pic is before she started shrinking)

And of course, we have God herself, Oprah Winfrey. No list of prominent Black BBWs is complete without her.

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