Thursday, November 12, 2009

Skyy Black!

We continue our week long celebration of the beauty of the African-American BBW with a look at the beautiful Skyy Black, one of the premiere Black performers currently working today. She has done some of the most amazing hardcore porn that I have seen, and I am a tough critic of that medium. While most hardcore can be disappointing at times, Skyy has talents that cause her to stand out among the competition. She is just plain sexy; you look at this woman, and you want to fuck. It's that simple.

Milky chocolate skin free of any blemish, thick lucious lips that beg to be kissed, and a deliciously cute clit waiting to be licked. This young lady is as close to perfect as any BBW that has ever appeared on BBWF.

We wish her much success. And we wish that you would visit her website. She has some very nice pics and hardcore videos there. Any fan of black women will be delighted at what Skyy has to offer.

There's also a video of Skyy at the end of this post, courtesy of tnaflix. Obviously, you want to have a little privacy if you click on it. It's the kind of shit that will get you fired.

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