Friday, November 6, 2009

Droid Day!

Above: the Droid (photo courtesy of

This is an interesting day for geeks like me, who are into the whole smartphone phenomenon. With the release of every new “it” phone, hundreds of losers gadget enthusiasts line up outside of their chosen service provider and eagerly relish their chance to hold the new technology in their hands (and possibly have creepy tech sex with it later on).

Today, Verizon customers finally get their hands on the Motorola Droid, the highly anticipated new Android handset. As a T-Mobile guy and Android user, I have to admit that I’m a little jealous. This phone looks amazing, and it has features that no phone in its class has shown before. It is the thinnest handset I’ve ever seen that boasts a touchscreen and a full qwerty keyboard, and that screen is a whopping 3.7 inches, which is bigger than the iphone’s.

The Droid has received a great deal of hype in the past few weeks, as Motorola and Verizon have initiated a pretty aggressive and creative marketing campaign. They have even directly challenged the beast that is the iphone. The impact of this campaign, as well as the quality of the phone itself, remains to be seen. That said, this phone looks intriguing, and I am a little bummed today that I can’t stand in line with the other people who need to get a life smartphone enthusiasts.

I’ve included a video from, an awesome tech website that specializes in cell phones, that compares the Droid and the iphone.

We also have some gratuitous Friday nudity from BBW superstar Glory Foxxx, via Plumperpass.

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