Monday, August 9, 2010

Based on a true story

The Girl in the Silver Camry

I checked my twitter at the stoplight… okay, I checked my twitter as I rolled up to the light… alright, I’ll tell the truth: I was tweeting the whole while I was driving down Austin Street. To be fair, it was 2am on a Wednesday, and no one else was on the road, and I had to tell the world about this awesome song on the radio. The #nowplaying hash tag can strike at any moment, and I’m not going to let something as petty as the traffic laws of the state of Texas stop me from sending my wonderful music recommendation to my legions of followers.

As I pressed “send tweet,” I turned my attention back to the road, my Blackberry still at eye level, and I stopped the car abruptly, only inches before the crosswalk. My focus returned to the smartphone, and the only other car in the general vicinity, a spotless brand new silver Toyota Camry pulled up next to me. I momentarily stopped scrolling through my timeline and looked to my right. The driver gave me a look of genuine disdain, frowning at me the way a mother would her teenager, a look that needed no accompanying words. I instantly put the phone down. “Yeah, I gotta stop doing that,” I thought. My tweet about the hottie in the Camry would have to wait a few blocks.

I never took my eyes off of the woman… I couldn’t. Some unexplainable force seized my gaze, and Ms. Camry didn’t seem to mind. She ran her hand through her hair and smiled as I surveyed the parts of her that were visible to me. The light had been green for at least four or five seconds when she signaled to me to roll down my window.

“Follow me,” she said in a strong, yet hoarse throaty tone.

Before I could respond, she sped through the green light, down Austin. Of course, I followed, obeying my lust, as always. I had to rush to keep up with her, but I was back by her side as she made a right turn on Walker Street. I slowed and turned as well. After a left on San Jacinto, she went two blocks and turned right on Texas Avenue, and parked in front of Christ Church Cathedral, across from the Magnolia hotel.

I parked in the space beside her, nervous as I put my car in park and turned it off. A city like Houston is mortifyingly silent on a night like that, even near a monstrous hotel like the Magnolia. Before I could even turn my head to see her, Camry lady had emerged from her car and was heading towards me with “on a mission from God” seriousness, the clopping of her heels the only sound in the humid Houston night.

I surveyed Camry lady’s curves as she came around her car towards me. She wore a white long sleeved blouse, buttoned all the way, but doing an awful job concealing how well endowed she was. Breasts that big had a way of making even the most conservative outfit revealing. Her skirt was far from conservative, navy blue (my favorite color), two inches too far above the knee for any “respectable” business meeting, showcasing bare, thick shapely legs that seemed to pry themselves more from the skirt with every powerful step.

I rolled down my window, not knowing what to say, but before I could say anything, she opened my door.

“Do you have a room here at the…”

Before I could finish my question, she covered my mouth. “I don’t want to talk, I want to fuck.”

“Ok, I just…”

“Shut up, and fuck me.”

She looked to the right and to the left, and then unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down to my thighs, revealing an already hard cock. She motioned for me to turn my body to the left with my legs outside the driver’s side door. I reached between her legs as she hiked up her skirt and noticed that she had no panties, and was soaking wet. Her back to me, she pushed away my hand, took hold of my cock, and after stroking it with her hand for what felt like a thousand years, she guided it into her pussy.

She was wetter, and evidently hornier than I realized. I think the only reason I didn’t cum five seconds after she started riding my cock was fear. She rode my cock harder and harder, her moans piercing the peaceful air. She rode me harder, until my car tilted and squeaked from the pressure, her round cushiony ass pounding, clapping against my body.

When a white Volvo drove past, it’s driver eyeing us intently and catching us in the act, she pulled herself off of my cock. At this point, I was trembling violently from fear as well as lust. And exhaustion; this woman fucked like an animal, and couldn’t seem to get enough.

She grabbed my hand, pulled me from my car, and led me across the street deep into the dark alley between the hotel and an adjacent office building. She pushed me against the wall, knelt down in front of me, and sucked my cock, spitting and deep-throating me until I was as hard as I was minutes before.

“Now fuck me until I cum.”

She turned around to the other wall, and placed her left hand on the wall, her right hand massaging her clit. She was desperate to cum. I pulled up her skirt and slid my cock back into her from behind. I pounded her ass as hard as I could as she pleaded with me to fuck harder. She pushed her plump butt back onto my cock, her pussy getting wetter and slicker as she stroked her clit. Finally, after fucking in that dark alley like dogs she let out a deafening moan.

“I’m cumming.”

She fucked me as I fucked her, our flesh once again clapping together brutally. With a deep grunt she came. I didn’t need to hear any sound to know that she had cum, as I could feel her juices pouring from her pussy. I pulled out my cock as she squirted on the ground, still stroking her clit and breathing heavily. She turned around and looked at me with a sheepish smile on her face that made me chuckle a little.

She once again took possession of my cock, and knelt down again and sucked it. She spat on it and licked every inch of it, looking up at me. She took all of me into her mouth, choking and gagging on my cock, making it wet and sloppy with her spit. When she started bobbing her head on my cock faster and faster, I couldn’t contain myself any longer, and I pulled her head from my cock.

She took my cock back into her hand and jerked it perfectly, hard and firm but still gentle, stroking my balls with the fingernails of her other hand. I came harder than I ever had before, squirting a load all over her pretty white blouse.

When she had finished me, she stood, assessed the damage I had done to her top, briefly looked me in the eye, and walked across the street to her car. I stood motionless until Camry girl started her engine.

When I finally got home that night, that silver Camry was already in the driveway, and as I walked through the door my Camry slut was sitting at the kitchen table, still wearing that tainted white blouse, pouring two glasses of red wine. She smiled.

“That was even better than last time.”

Now, by "true story" I mean that it is true that I have fantasized about this... and, well... it is true that it's a story.

Later, kids.

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