Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vanessa Blake is Wasting Away

Sometimes it sucks to to be a BBW admirer. I am involved and madly in love with a very curvy woman who doesn't always embrace her curviness as much as I do. In fact, in the beginning of our relationship she and I fought constantly over this issue. The core of our conflict was the fact that Ms. Chuck found it extremely hard to accept the fact that a man could find her not only sexy for a woman of her size, but see her as sexier than any other woman BECAUSE of it. The truth is I think Ms. Chuck is the hottest thing on this planet, and I worship her curves, but she really resented the fact that I didn't (and couldn't) call her "thin." In the years since then, I have successfully convinced her that she is beautiful by any standard, but the fact remains, Ms. Chuck still desperately wants to be thin.

Where did it go?

Many plus-size women are just like Ms. Chuck in that they hate (and I mean HATE) the very things about their bodies that many men love, and this is what makes being an FA or BBW Lover or Chubby Chaser or Curve Perv so frustrating sometimes. Notice I didn't say Feeder. I am not talking about supporting gaining weight for the sake of gaining weight and thus putting a woman's health at risk. I am simply referring to the natural God-given dimensions that many women are blessed with but are ashamed of because of the skinny images promoted in the media.

This is what makes Vanessa Blake's recent work on Plumperpass, which includes today's update, so bittersweet. She still obviously looks incredible, and even the smaller version of her epic ass is still better than most porn models, but I really miss her curves. Her new updates are awesome, but her changing body just reinforces my suspicion about most BBWs: no matter how much men adore their curviness, they are desperate to lose the weight and be thin, which in their mind is the sexiest way to be. And that sucks.

Below we have some of Vanessa's past work, that shows her at her curviest:

This is just my opinion, but I really believe that Vanessa looks much better with more curves. This is the thing that gets people pissed at us FAs, because it seems as if we don't want women to better themselves and feel healthier and sexier. In my case this couldn't be further from the truth. I think the "before" pics of Vanessa are by far the best, but I am happy for her in that she is feeling better physically and emotionally, and BBWF wishes her the very best in the future. But having to add Vanessa to the growing list of shrinking starlets (Sara Rue, Delotta Brown, Taylor Stevens, Sherri Shepherd) just reminds me how weird it can be as an FA.

We also have a hardcore clip from Vanessa's curvier days, one of her very best. Remember to click inside the flash video twice in order to view the clip. Pornhub is being little bitches and not allowing folks to watch embedded videos on sites like this.

Vanessa Blake gets a creampie brought to you by PornHub

Again, Vanessa is still beautiful, and always will be, and we wish her all the success in the world.

Later, people.


  1. Great post, Chuck. I saw someone on Tumblr address this issue, too, but not in nearly the same depth as you have.

    She's still beautiful, and if she lost the weight for health reasons, that's terrific.

    As a "smile" man, though, I can't help but note that in her new slimmed down shots, she looks morose. Compare that to her previous shots where she looks so genuinely happy. I just hope she's not starving herself in an attempt to meet "society's standards." That would make any person sad.

  2. Thanks Rogue. And I agree with you about Vanessa's facial expressions. She looks much happier in the earlier shots.

  3. I think some women are cuter/prettier with a rounder face. Taylor Stevens has gotten hotter, in my opinion, but Vanessa Black seem kinda...sickly. But, if it makes her feel better then I'm happy for her.


  5. I went on a 2 dates with vanessa. once when she was a BBW. She was so awsome...and once after she lost the weight and wow she just wasnt that sweet anymore. Seems the weight loss has made her crankier. Sad. At least I did get to suck her toes and be smothered by her ass in my face.

  6. Nice bit of info, each, the author and the 2012 anonymous commenter. I love Vanessa was just watching an old clip of her.

  7. Damn vanessa was perfect just the way she was

  8. Well now she's thicker than ever @ 56" of ass