Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: Charlie Cooper

I can't stop thinking about Charlie Cooper's boobs. On my recent road trip to north Texas to visit my father, in the back of my mind was Charlie Cooper's boobs. As I sat at the computer brainstorming ideas for a short story that I'm currently working on, I was haunted by memories of Charlie Cooper's boobs. Even when I went to Plumperpass this morning and saw Sapphire in an interracial threesome (more on that, I promise), I was still reminiscing about Charlie Cooper's boobs. When I was coughing my guts out and sneezing repeatedly (is there some kind of rule that if you live with a person, you have to get all of their germs? Next time Ms. Chuck gets sick, I'm quarantining her ass!), as the Nyquil dealt me that blissful knockout blow, Charlie's boobs were on my mind. They really are two of the most exquisite tits that I have ever seen, and she has instantly placed herself in the conversation about the best breasts in porn.

So even though we mentioned her last Friday, we dedicate this Boobie Wednesday to Charlie and her mesmerizing breasts ("mesmerizing mammaries" would have made for some great cheesy porn alliteration, but I'll leave that kind of stuff for the real porn writers). I am falling in love with Charlie, and I hope that she isn't a one-hit wonder. I would love to see more from her. Her hardcore debut on Plumperpass, where she took on Ramon's monster cock, is unbelievable, maybe only because of Charlie's hotness, and it's playing on an endless loop in my mind. Below we have some more pics from the shoot.

Hope you enjoy... and Happy Boobie Wednesday!


  1. u and me both - she is going to be a star in porn - she got the looks and the perfect body