Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: BBWF's Best Breasts

Welcome to a special edition of Boobie Wednesday, people. Today we have more boobies than you can possibly handle, so be careful. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but was just too lazy to get it together. When Jordan from Pornhub posted this last week, I was reminded of my little idea. Jordan's list consists of the top 7 naturally breasted pornstars. Her list is pretty awesome, but as you know, we like our tits big, and by "big" I mean BIG. So today, BBWF lists BBW models who possess the loveliest natural tits. We have a list of 12 BBWs, some pornstars, some models and camgirls, who are particularly gifted in the mammary area. They are listed in no particular order.

Sapphire: They're like pillows! Her tits look comfortable enough to sleep on. Besides those beautiful breasts, Saph has possibly the sexiest moan I've ever heard. Hearing her get fucked is just as awesome as watching.

Samantha 38G: The sickest body in porn, in my opinion. Her breasts are not just big, they have an artful quality to them, as if God gave Sam extra special attention when he made her. And Sam's personality is delightful; she'll make you laugh as she gets you off, a very unique quality in the pornographic arts.

Dors Feline: A woman whose beauty transcends any size category. I doubt that non-BBW lovers can even deny that this woman is breathtaking. Her beautiful natural breasts are what gets her on this list, but her eyes, those great tattoos, her hair, her voice, everything about Dors is incredibly sexy.

Dawn P: She's just so big! Dawn is the ultimate round curvy BBW, and her breasts are perhaps her most striking feature, round, full, firm, and perfectly symmetrical. Dawn is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, and there is a certain "girl next door" quality about her, a genuine sweetness that makes me wish I could date her. Dawn is the type that you fall in love with. Buck has some of Dawn's latest pics on his blog.

Charlie Cooper: She has a very small body of work, but I have already anointed Charlie as one of the most intriguing women in BBW porn. Her debut on plumperpass was amazing, and her breasts are without question some of the best I have ever seen. Hopefully, we will see much more from Charlie in the future.

Anorei Collins: This young lady is just gifted, not only with enormous natural boobs, but with an angelic face and a very engaging personality and intelligence that will take her far in modeling, as well as any other path that she decides to pursue. Her tits get all the attention, but Anorei is beautiful from head to toe.

Mz. Diva: Not sure if the Diva is still working in the industry, but she obviously belongs on a list such as this. I still rememeber the first time I saw pics of her online. I literally stared at my screen in awe for what had to be 10 minutes. I could get lost in those things.

Jade 38H: I love Jade. She is one of my favorites because of those perfect 38H boobs, but also because of that smile, which incidentally totally upstages those tits in the photo above. Jade is beautiful, freaky, and genuinely sweet, a combination that makes her the perfect BBW model, and without question, marriage material.

Peaches Larue: I am a big MILF fan, and Peaches may be the Queen of the MILFs. She is proof that as women get older they only get sexier, and she possesses a unique pair of breasts that make every one of her photo sets and hardcore videos special. Her ass is also amazing, but we'll save that for another list.

Maria Moore: A legend in BBW porn, and the reason is pretty obvious. I love Maria's tits, but she is also possibly the most interesting porn star in the world. She has the most delicious looking areolas ever, but she is also Ivy League educated, and only does hardcore with her husband, something which the romantic in me finds very beautiful. Maria is also a great person to follow on twitter and formspring, as she interacts with fans in a way that may be different than your typical porn chick.

Renee Ross: Beautiful blonde BBW with the perfect body. Renee is a porn legend in the making, and I am really hoping for more hardcore material from her. She is another lady whose breasts get all the attention, but every inch of her is lovely.

Of course this is my peronal opinion, and while my personal opinion is absolutely right, you may disagree. Or you make think I overlooked someone who may belong here. Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments.

Also, though I am a huge fan of each of these women, none of them have my favorite set of tits. That woman is so special to me that she is disqualified from any competitions or lists on BBWF from now on. Her rack blows away every model on this list, and I miss her. Goddammit I miss her.

Later, kids.


  1. Dawn I downloaded your pic. and jerked off all over it. You are very hot.

  2. Dawn oh Dawn,im a comitted lesbian living in Seattle Washington. My partner and I sometimes wonder about having a threesome with a large lady such as yourself. Have you ever tried having sex with another woman? Devine Devine another hot body [ive masterbated to her pics] is about your size, what a pair you two would make. Please consider exploring this avenue of life as for now im going back to masterbating over your pictures. P.S. Im not a yankee fan but you could change that. Marlice in Seattle

  3. diva is my favorite. there is nothing more erotic than a super-busty nigger-bbw!