Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boobie Wednesday Bonus: Sapphire

Bonus boobies! Always good, right? I was so struck by Sapphire's return to Plumperpass today that I had to mention it here. Though I have issues with the BBWs Gone Black series, and the way Plumperpass uses it to segregate black men (I mean, they portray having sex with a Black man as some kind of weird fetish act), I was absolutely blown away by this scene. Saph gets fucked by two big black cocks, and judging by the sound of her delicate throaty moanings, she gets fucked very well. It is a joy to watch, and I'm sure it will be one of the most popular ever on the site. And I must admit, this two guys and a girl threesome thing is kinda growing on me. The way both dudes were able to coordinate their ejaculation and cum all over Saph's massive tits at the same time was almost as amazing as Saph herself. Below we have one more pic from the shoot.

Sapphire gets more beautiful every time I see her, and I dread the day when she inevitably decides to leave the porn world. I'm doing a terrible job of expressing it, I'm sure, but this shoot really is some of the best erotic material ever captured on video.



  1. she is so fucking hot - love her movies and pic - she was ok at the begnning - now she is so fucking hot - last few videos are amazing - love me some Sapphire