Friday, February 26, 2010

Tweet of the Week!: Jessica Jarchow

Jessica (velvetcloche)

Hey people, we will be doing something that is unprecedented here at BBWF today: I will give you the first of many porn-free posts. No, I haven't run out of sexy fat girls to drool over, and I haven't found Jesus (I found and then lost that dude years ago). And I haven't had some type of prudish and hypocritical revelation that porn is bad.

I just have to show you pervy motherfuckers that I can restrain my creepiness every once in a while and give you something that stimulates thought, not just something to beat your meat to. I say this at the top of the post so that you won't waste your time. I am getting a bit frustrated with the one dimensional nature of my following. Believe it or not, I do want to be taken seriously as a writer one day. But at this point, my blog is just a place where people come to gawk at the fatties. I am veering away from my purpose in this post, but this is so strongly on my mind that I can't help sharing it. I will share more tomorrow, and I'll mix in some porn so that you might actually read the shit.

Anyway, I wanted to direct your attention to a bright young woman who I recently began following on twitter. I discovered her because she followed me first. Of course, when she discovered that I was all about the porno, she quickly unfollowed. This is one of the reasons for the preceding rant (that you probably didn't read). I want to be about something more, as corny as that sounds, than just the guy who gives you jerk-off material.

Though my feelings are hurt, I totally understand Jessica's decision. I mean, there are certain things you just don't want on your twitter timeline, and rotund women getting naked and defiling themselves is at the top of many people's lists. Sorry, I'm digressing again, but I am still a faithful follower of Jessica and I have come to find that she is a very insightful young lady, and a brilliant writer. On Thursday, she tweeted the following:

That link will lead you to Jessica's blog, which is a very interesting look into the mind of a young woman dealing with the issues that many plus size girls deal with on a daily basis. She blogs about a number of things, but this particular entry really caught my attention. Jessica talks about the struggles that she faced growing up that enabled her to accept who she was as a plus size woman. She mentions her mother's similar struggles and how they affected her view of her own body, and she talks about the role that her sexuality played in this journey.

It is a fascinating read, and this issue is something that I have to deal with in my own personal life. I am involved with a plus size woman who is not always cheerful about her body style, even though I worship the ground she walks on, and this is common among women. All BBWs aren't as comfortable with themselves as the ones you watch on PlumperPass or cam with at allbbwcams (hey, there's your porn!). Many women face a struggle in learning to become comfortable with the way they look, and Jessica's story is an eye-opening example. I hope you read it.

And follow Jessica... she's "velvetcloche" on twitter.

I realize you probably didn't read that, but I wrote it anyway. There will be more porn on here soon... like, tomorrow, and I will provide some hot luscious BBWs for you to lust after. But kids, these next few weeks really may be the last of BBWF. I am starting to feel a bit discouraged about being the porno guy (and only the porno guy). There is so much more to give. But who gives a shit, right?

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