Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Sunday Morning...

... to you fine perverted people. I have a few things in my mediocre brain that I'll share with you today as I have my Sunday morning porn and pancakes. They're blueberry, and they are fucking delicious...

The Official ipod of BBWF

We go to the ipod for Audioslave's "Doesn't Remind Me." It's a beautiful song that has special resonance for me at this time in my life. I love my life; I have a decent career ahead of me, a beautiful home, and a woman whom I love with all of my heart, but there are times, like these past few weeks, where I just need something different. I feel stuck in the rut of familiarity.

My Lady, Ms. Chuck, and most of my family and friends are conservative Christian types who would never watch a porn clip, or smoke a bowl, or have a sip of alcohol for fear that Jesus would smite them. I love them all, but I need a respite from that shit sometimes. Obviously, I have a wilder side, and that side needs to be heard. When I blog here at BBWF or consort with my pervy twitter following, it takes me out of the world of the familiar boring shit I deal with on a daily basis, and this is why I love it. And this is why I do it, even if it doesn't get read as often as I would like. It doesn't remind me of anything.

My Sandra

This week I tweeted "I like big-boobed redheads... who smoke dank kush... 'cause it doesn't remind me of anything," an obvious reference to Chris Cornell's lyrics. The "big-boobed redhead" I was referring to is Sandra DoubleDDD, my favorite "internet stripper" and a person whom I admire to no end. I spent an inordinate amount of time in her chat room yesterday, and though we only chatted about a lot of mundane things like work and music (and I ordered my "I'm with CoCo" t-shirt last night!), it was the best part of my day. There is no one in my life like this woman; she represents a world that I simply don't live in, and its so refreshing to get a taste of it every once in a while.

It may be a shock to you, but my fixation on this particular camgirl has nothing to do with sex, even though she is one of the loveliest women I've ever seen. She simply gives me a break from my real world; she doesn't remind me of anything, and I fucking love her for it! Seeing the freedom with which Sandra lives her life has inspired me to never allow myself to be mired in a boring monotonous existence. This is why she is The Muse.

You'll probably never read this, Sandra, but thank you! I dread the day when our chats come to an end, though I know it's inevitable. I love you!!!

I mention Sandra because I love her, and I will always promote her on this blog, but also because she is now blogging herself. She recently started a new blogger site where she will chronicle her camgirl adventures, among other things. Yesterday she mentioned that she will try to update everyday, so follow her blog and check it regularly. I am excited about this because Sandra is a very talented and witty writer. Her prose is tight and artful; short impactful sentences with vivid imagery and effortless humor. I truly believe she has a future as a writer, and I am not just saying this because I've seen her naked. I read shit for a living, so I know what I'm talking about. This chick is good...

... If you are the type who prays, I hope that you are asking your God to help the people of Chile. An earthquake 100 times more powerful than the one in Haiti (you've already forgotten, haven't you?) struck yesterday, and the following tsunami has reached a number of places, including Hawaii and Japan. The world may be ending soon, be ready. Here is a link to the Huffington Post coverage.

... Okay, you want some porn, don't you? Well here ya go:

That was Bianca, an absolutely stunning woman, thoroughly enjoying some cock. I enjoy watching her because she is intense and passionate in every scene. You may think it goes over the top a little bit, but I love her enthusiasm. And that accent is orgasm-enducing all on its own. Thanks to xvideos.

From left: Koechner, Wilson

... Last night the Lady and I watched Tenure, an indie-ish film about a professor struggling to gain tenure at his university while wrestling with family issues. It stars Luke Wilson as Charlie, and David Koechner, in the very funny role of Jay. I loved this movie, and I can't believe I had never heard of it before I made the trip to blockbuster. But it is a funny, quirky little movie, and you should see it. Wilson is one of those actors who has fallen into the rut of playing himself in every movie, but I have always been a huge fan of his, and Tenure is the perfect vehicle for him.


You should also see the film because it features Hilary Pingle (above), a stunning BBW who plays one of Charlie's students. Her character develops a bit of a crush on Charlie, and she wears a pair of jeans in the scene where this crush is revealed that barely contain her curves. Breathtaking!!


... Good news for BBW fans: Anorei Collins' website is finally up, and it is living up to the hype. Not sure if I'll be joining. Let's be honest here... I am sure won't be. I mean, I love Anorei, but paid porn is for suckers, right? But for those of you who love Anorei, and there are tons of you, this site promises to be everything you dreamed it would be. This woman is truly beautiful, inside and out, and she loves her fans. I hope great things continue to happen for her. Check out the site. And read her blog; it's pretty interesting... and safe for work.

Ryan Miller, Goalie, Team USA

My fellow Americans, today we butt-fuck Canada once again... this time on the ice! Be sure to check out the gold medal game between the USA and Team Canada at 2pm Central Time. It should be exciting. I'm from Texas, and know nothing about hockey, but this game has me almost erect with anticipation. USA! USA!

... I promised to share my thoughts about my frustrations with being "the porn dude" today, but I don't feel like it at the moment. As I've said before, I do this blog thing the way I live my life: I go with the flow. I post things on a whim, and I am simply not feeling it at the moment. I'll stop here, and give you my frustrated rant at another time, maybe even later today.

... I'll leave you with this stunning photo of Salacious Sasha that she posted early this morning. It's from her newest update:

Enjoy your Sunday, people!


  1. butt-fucking? who said anything about a butt-fucking? haha

  2. Ryan Miller was amazing between the pipes, but it looks like the US was the one who got butt-fucked this time... (revenge is a dish best served cold y'know...).

    Great game, and great posts as always!

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