Saturday, February 6, 2010

Okay fuck it...

... I'm a porn blogger. And BBW Fascination is a porn blog. No matter how much I try to avoid the label, I cannot escape it. I want this place to be well-rounded and shit, but this will always be primarily a blog where BBWs get freaky. And that's okay. Really.

The term BBW is not only a term that signifies a category of pornography, it is a term that celebrates the beauty of women who have more to offer than the stick figures that Hollywood promotes; a term that empowers women of size. These women are worthy of respect and love, and on BBWF, primarily through our continued promotion of the pornographic arts, we will exalt the virtues of Big Beautiful Women of all kinds. We love porn, even though some view it with disgust, and we embrace it as the beautiful art form that it is. With this in mind we give you the following:

The lovely woman in the clip is Daphne Daniels. I love how sweaty they get in this video. And she is truly beautiful.

So there. It is what it is. We're a porn blog, and proud of it. Thank you tnaflix, for providing the video. And... before we move on... here's some more porn:

Okay, there may be one too many dudes in that clip, and the leash might be a bit much, but Daphne is just incredible. I really like this woman!

... And we move on...

The Super Bowl is upon us, and as I may not even be able to watch a second of this game (FML!), I won't spend a lot of space with my thoughts on it. But I will give a quick prediction: The Saints will win by at least 10 points. I base this, not on any kind of educated football opinion, but on a simple feeling in my heart that the Saints will pull this off. I just feel it in my gut, and that's got to count for something, right?

... Okay, we've gotten off the beaten path... here's some more porn:

Wow! You won't see very many women, BBW or otherwise, as stunning as Monique. And she swallows! Woot!

The Official ipod of BBWF

... We also have some music from the BBWF ipod. This week we go to one of my favorite bands, Queens of the Stone Age. Below is "Go With the Flow," probably my favorite QOTSA song, and one of the most beautiful music videos of all time.


... and finally, do yourself a favor and visit Amber's blog right now. She has posted some of her best photos ever. And she reveals that gorgeous tummy of hers!! I'm so excited! We have a few pics from the post.

Thanks for enduring this clusterfuck of a post. It meanders a bit, probably because my brain is really being overused these days, and I am writing this after three glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon. Hopefully I will be able to get a handle on things soon, when my life slows down a bit. But Enjoy!

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