Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dixie Diva!


As you know, I am a fan of the webcamming experience. I have spent a little time enjoying the company of a few camgirls, particularly at allbbwcams. One of the women that instantly became one of my faves was the beautiful Dixie Diva. I am not the typical webcam customer, as I am never simply looking for a sly wank. I prefer the company of those camgirls that engage in conversation and have a great sense of humor. It doesn't hurt to be insanely beautiful, but I value a woman who isn't afraid to be herself. Dixie is one of the loveliest women I've ever chatted with, because she is gorgeous, but also because of her wonderful personality. I literally laugh out loud any time I talk with her. This is why I spent more than my share of time chatting with this woman on allbbwcams, and a rapport developed between us even apart from the camsite. Of course I never bought private show from her because of my dedication to a certain redhead who also works on the site.

So when Dixie told me last night via IM that she was launching her Web porn career, I was super excited. I am glad to see that she is doing well, and that greater things are on the horizon. She is an amazing woman, and I wish her nothing but the best.

At this point, Dixie has joined TopTenAmateur and posted some beautiful galleries. Kinky Webmistress has noted this in her blog today. Go there and check out some of the other free pics. Also, Dixie has a clips store where she and her significant other have posted some fantastic videos. Dixie also mentioned a very creative idea that I think will be profitable for them in the future. They are making custom videos available for Dixie's fans, and these vids are very reasonably priced. Dixie had this to say about the custom vids:

The customer can get "any situation they want. The more detail the better. They can pick out whatever clothes and choose the hairstyle (pigtails, hair down, twist up). They can choose normal dress (jeans, button-up top, or dress) or pjs or naughty stuff."
As far as the sex: "the sex can be rough (light to moderate BDSM) or sweet romantic stuff. You can also request odd ball stuff or stuff from way out in left field."

The prices start at $5 for a short 3min custom video, and they usually top out at $75 for 35min. And of course, the more detail in your request, the higher the price. You can reach Dixie at for more information about these custom videos.

Below we have links to the places in which you can find Dixie. I consider Dixie one of my internet friends, so I am a bit biased, but I truly believe that she has the makings of a true BBW superstar. I love you, Dixie, and BBWF wishes you the best.


Be sure to mention BBW Fascination when you contact Dixie. If so, there may be a little something in it for you... and for me!

Also, look for Dixie on Southern Charms. She mentioned that her site will be up and running soon.

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