Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's a Beautiful Saturday...

... and I wish that you were somewhere enjoying it, and not reading my drivel. But, since you're here, I'll give you some of my thoughts from this week, plus a few pretty things from around the interwebs...

The Official ipod of BBWF

...We'll start with a selection from the ipod. Below is "Spitting Games" by the UK band Snow Patrol. It is a very catchy song that stays with you long after you hear it. Good thing it's actually good. You can thank one of my good internet friends for bringing this to my attention. Without her, this tune would never have made it to the ipod. Thanks, Sadie. And it was fun to chat with you again... Finally!

... The NBA's trade deadline passed this week, and my beloved Houston Rockets made the biggest trade of the season, as they parted ways with former superstar Tracy Mcgrady, or as fans in Houston call him, Lady Mcgrady, or Stacy Mclady, or... well I think you get it. Fans and certain media members are happy to see him go, but his time in God's own city was not all bad. In fact T-Mac gave Houston plenty to cheer about while he was here. So, while many in Houston are all to ready move on, I will miss Tracy. Below we have a video of one T-Mac's finest moments in Rocket Red. He scored 13 points in 33 seconds to beat the evil Spurs. One of the greatest hot stretches in NBA history.

So T-Mac, BBWF wishes you well in NYC. And, sorry Rockets fans, but I am not really expecting a whole lot from Kevin Martin. He doesn't play defense and he's a bit injury prone. Sounds kinda familiar, huh?

... I was chatting with the Muse last night (more on that in a second) and she brought to my attention the letter that Joe Stack wrote before he crashed his plane into the building in Austin that housed the IRS offices on Thursday. You can find excerpts from the letter here, and the entire letter here. This is obviously a horrible tragedy, and no one can condone Stack's actions, but the letter is thought-provoking. Stack was insane, but some of the points made in this angry letter are very interesting, and may open your eyes to some of America's problems.

... Okay, we've gone way too long without porn, so here you go:

Kids, that amazing woman is Milla Monroe. Thanks, xvideos.

From left: T-Mobile G1, Google's Nexus One

... Last week I upgraded my phone from a G1 to a Nexus One, and, since I am a total fucking geek about tech shit, I will give you a few thoughts about my first few days with my Sexy Nexy.

~First, the screen: I am kind of a size queen when it comes to cell phone screens, so the thought of having 3.7 inches of real estate to work with made my penis jump a little. And the Nexy's screen is fucking amazing. The colors are gorgeous, and everything, from apps to web pages look better on this thing. It's a bit bigger than the iphone screen, but not noticeably so.

~Android 2.1: Wow! If you don't have this version of Android, in a tech sense, I feel a bit sorry for you. Trust me, if you are an Android user, you must have this update. The live wallpapers, improved graphics, and more elegant transitions and camera app are just a few of the reasons that Android has officially become the world's second best wireless platform. A very close second.

~Pure Sexiness: The Nexy is just gorgeous! It is still not as dreamy as the iphone, but it is very close, and if it were a BBW I would totally fuck it... or at least post a clip of it on BBWF and jerk off to it. Either way.

The only drawback of the phone is that, as Aaron Baker from phonedog wrote, it's "erratic." There is a Forrest Gump "box of chocolates" experience to dealing with the Nexy. You never know when certain apps will work. Sometimes downloads don't function properly, and the touchscreen, which is generally amazing, will be hesitant at times. The Nexy's erratic behavior may be due to the newness of Android 2.1, as developers are still trying to get their apps up to date.

But overall, I fucking love this phone, and I think that it will surpass every phone on the market, except the iphone of course, when it comes to Verizon later this year.

... PlumperPass has made another awesome discovery. Crystal Clouds (below) was featured in Friday's update, and I cannot get over how unbelievably sexy she is. Hopefully there will be more to come from this young lady.

PP probably doesn't want you to see these images on BBWF, but I don't have my webmaster account yet, so fuck it.

The Muse

... Lastly, I wanted to mention the Muse again on this blog. For any first-timers, the woman I refer to as the Muse is Sandra DoubleDDD, a camgirl in Los Angeles who has an extraordinary talent for brightening my day. And making me smile. I won't call her "gorgeous" or "beautiful" or "lovely", or any other pleasant adjective, because my feeble vocabulary just isn't capable of describing how much I truly adore this woman. She is not merely one of favorite models, she is my best friend on the Web, and if she weren't around, there would be no BBWF. So, Sandra, know that when I tell you I love you, I mean it. And I wish you the best.

Why am I getting all mushy and shit? I really don't know, but chatting with Sandra this week was really special for me. I needed the respite from my daily grind that only the Muse could provide, and she delivered. And that is why I love her so!

Hopefully we will be able to interview Sandra on here in the near future (I am still working up the courage to ask). And you should visit her chat room at allbbwcams if you get the chance. Then again, stay the fuck away. I 'd rather have her all to myself.

Alright, I'll stop rambling. I'll be hitting the Cabernet pretty hard tonight, so drunk posts and tweets may follow. Enjoy!

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