Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Booby Tuesday!: Anorei

Damn! These Tuesdays are coming fast and furious, and its hard to keep up. I'll resist making a bad pun here and give you some Booby Tuesday awesomeness from a woman who may possess the most beautiful breasts on planet Earth.

Below we have a video from Anorei Collins that shows off her glorious boobies, but also lets you see what a delightful personality she has. Don't just view this and jerk off, people. Watch and listen to the entire clip. Anorei is beautiful and genuinely sweet, and whoever is lucky enough to have won her heart is a very blessed man. Enjoy!

Video courtesy of xvideos.

Be sure to look out for Anorei's new website... and follow her on twitter. Also, cam with Anorei on cam4 and imlive.

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