Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Bunch of stuff...

... for your Saturday. I have a few things on my mind as I sit here and drink my coffee this morning, so I'll share them with you as coherently as I can.


Here is a link to an interesting profile of Amy Bishop from the San Francisco Chronicle. Bishop is the woman who killed 3 and wounded 3 others yesterday at the University of Alabama at Huntsville. She was a faculty member who was evidently popular among students. Here is the link to the AP report. Sad, sad story. Our condolences go out to the victims' families.

The Official ipod of BBWF

... As we get ready for Valentine's Day, I thought I would go to the ipod and grab a nice love song. Here is "Her," from Jaheim's new album Another Round. The new stuff is nice, even though it's not particularly original. Jaheim has an old-school soul that calls to mind some of the great soul legends. You can thank my little sis for bringing this to my attention.

The song is special to me because of the line "I'm better with her." This characterizes my relationship with my real-life love perfectly. She brings out the best in me in so many ways. I love you, girl!


... Of course, no BBWF post can be complete without some quality jerkoff material. Today, I wanted to post some clips from one of my favorite BBWs ever. I only know of two videos from her, and I don't think that this gorgeous woman is a career "porn chick" type, but she is absolutely breathtaking. Her name is Jem Jewel. If you know of any other work from this beautiful woman, please let us know.

The latter clip is by far my favorite. The way they hold hands in the missionary position is so beautiful! I dunno why I like her so much, but I saw this clip for the first time when it was initially released, and I can't get over Jem's smile. She's super cute, and she has a gorgeous soft, plump body. I hope she's doing well.

...Speaking of gorgeous soft, plump bodies, Ivy AKA Hotfattygirl has a new blog. One of my favorite feedees is finally giving fans a chance to stay abreast of the happenings of Camp Cupcake, among other things. I've seen it and I love it! Follow Ivy... and the blog... on twitter.

...The NBA all-star game is this weekend? Really? I honestly had no clue.

...I should have mentioned her here weeks ago, but as usual, I procrastinated. I'm notorious for that. But Synful Dame has become one of my new faves. She's one of those edgy tatooed, pierced, "suicide girl" types, and she fucking drives me wild. I truly love everything she does: her blog, her twitter, her photos, her clips, everything. SD really has a creative edge over many of the models in the industry, BBW or otherwise, and you should acquaint yourself with her immediately. She's gonna be big (please excuse the unintentional pun). There are few models who truly stand out among the thousands of BBWs currently doing their thing, and SD is one of them. Here are some links:

Click the pic above for a link to her spectacular Valentine's Day blog post. It features some exclusive pics, which are just a few examples of this young lady's extraordinary flair for photography. The camera is in love with this girl (and me too!). You'll see more of her here. I promise.

... okay, people, that's all for today. Hopefully you'll find a way to enjoy your Valentine's Day weekend. And if you don't currently have that "special someone" that they say you ought to have, remember to just love yourself. You can even do it with lube and toys, while watching clips on BBWF.

But seriously, this "holiday" is a fabricated money-making scheme designed to get you to pay silly amounts of money to do something you should be doing every day of the year anyway. So don't get caught up in the hype.

And always know that BBWF loves you, even if He or She doesn't.


  1. Thanks so much. This brought a huge smile to my face!!

  2. Wow! Thank you hunny!! I'm just now seeing this! You're too sweet! Thank you again for the shout out! <3