Friday, February 12, 2010

Tweet of the Week!: Mindee Mounds

With Valentine's Day coming this weekend, I am at once delighted and frustrated. I have always been a little bothered by this holiday because, frankly, I haven't experienced much romantic love in my life. And also, this whole V-day thing is a ploy to get consumers to waste their money on gifts for their sweetheart. My frustration also stems from the fact that Ms. Chuck and I are in the midst of moving in together and the process is becoming more stressful every day. Can't wait until this is over. As I type this, I just ended a rather heated phone conversation about moving and such. It's so funny how the people you love the most can also piss you off the most.

But I am currently in love with this awesome woman, so this Sunday will be special for me, and hopefully special for Ms. Chuck as well. I got some pretty cool things planned.

Our tweet of the week is V-day related, and it comes from the beautiful Mindee Mounds. I came across a few of her tweets this morning, and they helped me see the merits of this holiday more clearly, as well as to really see how blessed I am to have found someone so special:

"Seriously, it is cool to be with the right person"

A simple statement, but it is so profound. I will never be a huge fan of Valentine's day, but it does help to remind me that I am one of the few individuals in this world who are lucky enough to say that they have found a person who they are totally compatible with. My lady is a godsend, and I have no clue what I would do if she were not in my life. Sunday, and hopefully everyday from now on, I plan to show her how grateful I am to have her. I love you Ms. Chuck!

As for Mindee, she is another one of those unbelievable "cougar" types that drive me crazy. Go and check out her website, which will link you to some of the hottest clips and images on the Web, and her forum.

And of course, follow this lovely woman on twitter. She is one person that is truly worth following, and one of the people I actually look for when I am scrolling through my timeline.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all, but if you don't have that special someone in your life at this time don't fret even for a second. Love, like all this V-day bullshit, can sometimes be more trouble than its worth.

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