Friday, February 5, 2010

Tweet(s) of the Week!: Kellie Kay

The truth is, though my current number of followees on twitter is 308 and rising, the list of people I actually "follow" is very short. SSBBW Kellie Kay, a young woman who manages to capture the perfect balance of cuteness and sexy, is on that list. She is funny, interesting, sincere, and just sweet. I love this girl! You should definitely follow her if you're not doing so already. And join her site while you're at it.

Again, I love this girl! She will forever be in my core group is faves, and if I lived anywhere near Camp Cupcake (and I wasn't madly in love with Ms. Chuck), she probably would have gotten a marriage proposal by now. So when Kellie tweeted the following on Tuesday, I was a little distressed, to say the least:

"Just a head up, after this I probably won't be online for a little while, I'm gonna take a break from online life but keep doing updates"

The Cuteness

Kellie did mention that her online hiatus was due to "good things," but, as a fan I was still a little sorrowful, knowing that I would miss her presence on twitter. So I was kinda bummed... but then:

"Good news! Fixed everything I needed to so all is well & I'm back on track again! WOOHOO! Sooo you're gonna see me alot, maybe too much ha"

And so, just like that, I was happy again! I kid, of course, but it is awesome that we won't have to sit through an indefinite period of KellieKayless twitter any time soon. I would really hate that.

The Sexy

Also, the "after this" that Kellie is referring to in the first tweet is a free webcam session, which featured Kellie and her mates Ivy and Violet, that was held on Tuesday. She has been camming in other places for some time, and she has recently been hanging out at one of my favorite places on the Web: allbbwcams... and she likes it. So go and hang out with her there.

I spent a little time with her, and of course she brings her famous sense of humor to the cam, which is something that is sorely lacking in my humble opinion. I probably should reveal my identity to her next time I visit her room. And I hope she doesn't mind that all my credits belong to a certain large-breasted redhead... but I digress.

Kellie, I love you, and BBWF is really really happy that you're staying online!

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