Monday, January 11, 2010

Before and After: Christina Ricci


Before and After is back, and we have two of the most beautiful women in the world with which to perform our little experiment. For our newbies, "Before and After" is a feature on BBWF where we imagine what certain skinny celebrities would look like as BBWs. We are in no way feeders or advocates of an unhealthy lifestyle, but its fun to let your imagination run wild sometimes. We use plus size porn models as our points of comparison (naturally).

This time we look at one of my favorite actresses. Though I am a passionate admirer of women of the curvier variety, I happen to think that Christina Ricci is one of the most uniquely beautiful women I've ever seen. Be sure to check out her performance in Black Snake Moan. It's an underrated performance by Ricci, and, in my opinion, an underrated film.

But I digress. Below we have a pic of Ricci, followed by the amazing Milla Monroe. It's an interesting likeness; both ladies have large captivating nearly disproportionate eyes. And both are transcendently beautiful. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Below we have some more pics of Milla. Enjoy!

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