Friday, January 15, 2010

Tweet(s) of the Week!: Ms. Panther


I have become one of the biggest fans of the beautiful Ms Panther, partly because she reminds me of someone, but also because she is one of the most beautiful women on the net. She has appeared in many videos and photo shoots for some time now and with the emergence of her new website, this lovely black feline is about to become an even bigger star. In addition to having perhaps the prettiest natural tits in porn, she has a very active and interesting Twitter account, and you should be following her if you aren't already.

Her new website is still under construction, but it is coming along nicely. Our tweet of the week is Panther's appeal to her fans for their input on the site's content. Truthfully Panther could do just about anything on that site, and dicks all across America would instantly harden, but getting the pulse of the fans is an excellent strategy; Panther wants to give the people what they want. Here's two consecutive tweets from Tuesday:

So guys... do you join adult websites or do you pay for porn at all... if you do... what compels you to do so.

Ok I ask of course because I want my site to be good... thinking of adding more girls to the site. I can use suggestions.

This is typical of Panther's tweets; she has a genuine interest in the input and interaction of her many fans. I can't imagine anything involving this gorgeous woman not being outstanding, but it is great that she wants to involve her followers in this new endeavor. We wish the young lady much success.

In addition to being one of the most beautiful women on Earth, Panther is currently working on her MBA. So this is a woman whose attributes far exceed her physical beauty. Below are more pics from one of Panther's past shoots, courtesy of plumperpass. Enjoy!!

Be sure to follow Panther and get updates about the progress of her site. It should be pretty amazing.

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