Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who Dat Say They Gonna Beat Dem Saints?!!!

New Orleans, a town historically known for its convivial energy; a place where seemingly everyday was a celebration, is still a shell of its former self. More than four years after the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina, The Big Easy is still trying to recover. The parties have returned, but life in New Orleans has been forever altered. If you're tired of hearing about this, you should check yourself. You've fallen into the trap of caring about the world's crises while their trending, and then forgetting about them. Whether you know it or not... or care anymore... Katrina's impact is still being felt and the city of New Orleans is still in a stage of rebuilding.


The New Orleans Saints are one of the few positive aspects of life in this town at the moment, and they represent the camaraderie that sports brings to a city, as well as the hope of continued economic recovery. The Saints are a great football team, but, as corny as it sounds, they represent hope. The reason the Dome will be so loud this evening is because of the energy this type of hope gives the people of New Orleans.

So needless to say, as the Saints prepare to face old man Favre and the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game, I will be rooting hard for the guys in black and gold. In addition to being a great football story, this game, and this team, has personal significance to me. There are members of my family who reside in southern Louisiana near New Orleans, and though they did not feel the full impact Katrina, they were affected. I will join them as Saints fans today. Also, one of the few things you know about me is that I'm a Texas boy. So is Saints quarterback Drew Brees (above), and for that reason alone he's one of my favorites.

... as for my Championship Sunday predictions, I'll be taking the Saints over the Vikes, and in the AFC, I am picking the Colts to finally put an end to the Jets' annoying run.

... and as promised, we have some more goodness from Cajun. Though she lives in Texas currently, her name suggests she is a Cajun, and this makes her an appropriate model for us as we root for the boys in Cajun country. Here are some pics from one of her recent sets:

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... we also have a nice hardcore video of Cajun below, thanks to tnaflix:

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