Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Random Stuff...

... on this beautiful Texas Friday. I thought I'd give you a few idle musings of mine today, and point you to some of the interesting happenings around the blogger universe (blogiverse?). So here goes:

After recently perusing past BBWF posts, I have come to the conclusion that there may be far too much porn on this blog; at the very least it's far more than I originally intended. I mean, damn, I've been posting a lot of fucking porn on here!

I meant for porn to have a place here, but I want the blog to be much more well rounded than your average porn blog. We have successfully created a place where BBW sexiness is discussed, but I want to involve my other interests a little more as well. Don't worry, there will always be jerkoff material at BBWF (you'll find some at the end of this post, in fact), but there are so many things to admire about BBWs that may not involve sex, and I want the BBW activist in me to be on display more often here. And frankly, I'm not as much of a porn enthusiast as the presence of this blog might suggest (believe it or not).

... also I noted the other day that every time I look at my significant other (we'll call her Ms. Chuck from now on) I am reminded of the increasingly limited lifespan of this little blog. I have been thinking long and hard as to when to pull the plug, but there's is no set date as of yet. It's inevitable, but blogging is still too much fun to let go. But some time in 2010, we'll have a concrete vision as to when I'll bite down on this cyanide pill.

... and help me out here. I'd love your brutally honest and opinionated feedback on my current situation. I am currently a man who is madly in love, but I keep secrets from my woman. These secrets may be particularly devastating to her, as she is not a fan of the pornographic arts, to put it mildly. Here is my situation:

I currently have:

1. A woman whom I love with all my heart.
2. A blog where I post pornographic pics and videos.
3. A Twitter account where I socialize with various people in the adult industry.
4. Ongoing interaction with camgirls, webmodels, and other sexually-oriented professionals. (non-sexual interactions).
5. Said woman does not have any inkling that any of this is going on.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how despicable am I? Am I a scoundrel or simply a decent man with alternative interests? Let me know in the comments. I'm not sure if I'm qualified to measure the moral implications of my current situation, but I have to admit that my conscience is nagging me, and that will ultimately mean the end of BBWF.

There are other things at work in my porn activity besides my pervism. My activities, in addition to being fun, are all parts of a creative writing project that I am currently developing. But Ms. Chuck still would be quite shocked and offended to know the extent of my involvement.

... here are some things that caught my attention from around the web today:

Mz. Booty (and the best ass in porn)

Kinky Webmistress, one of the best porn bloggers in the world and pillar in the industry, has posted some great shots of Mz. Booty (above) from CJ Wright's website. Click on the pic for more.

Yes, it is what you think it is.

Disciplined Dick has posted some of the freakiest shit he's ever done, and believe me, people, that's saying something. Dick, the master of On Being Her Bitch, is one of the nastiest motherfuckers on the web, and I mean that as a compliment. I love this guy! Click the pic to see the post.

... and finally there is a great new blog in town:

Bunny De La Cruz

BBWPornucopia promises to be another great place to worship and adore BBWs of all kinds. JFD is very knowledgable in the area of porn, so his blog will be sexy as well as informative. Click the pic to check it out.


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