Friday, January 8, 2010

Tweet of the Week!

I have noted in earlier posts that I am a fairly active participant on the social networking site known as Twitter. It is a useful resource for news, sports, humor, socializing, and general bullshit and time wasting. With the inception of this blog, I have discovered that the porn community is very active on the site, and that there is whole twitter world devoted to the musings and day to day activities of your favorite porn stars, web models, and camgirls. And you can follow me here.

As with every technological advancement or social phenomenon, the porn industry has managed to defile Twitter, and thank God for that. Since it has become a significant part of my job as a blogger, I thought I would make it a weekly fixture, at least until it goes out of style and the next thing comes along.

From now on, every Friday BBWF will feature our favorite tweet from the week. It will usually be from some sexy tweeter who manages to say something witty or ineresting.


This week's tweet comes to us from the legendary Maria Moore (above). She is one of the greatest BBW stars of all time, and she has brought this greatness to Twitter, instantly becoming one of my favorite people to follow. She's "MsMariaMoore" on the site. She's also a fantastic camgirl! Here's the tweet:

"sex scenes filmed on a mattress on a floor w/no sheets are just gross.... I don't care what the plot.... yuck"

Maria is referring to scenes in the vein of Wednesday's plumperpass update, which featured Hillary Hooterz fucking a guy in what looked like a dungeon. From the comments below the video on the website, the update looks to have been well-recieved by the viewers, but I have to agree with Maria on this one. The sex is hot, but, as you can see from the pics, more could have been done to make the set a bit cleaner. Frankly, it just looks unsanitary. Click on the image below to get a closer look at how filthy the floor is.

Support plumperpass, people. From the looks of this set, I'd say they need the help.

The set is disgusting, but Hillary is fantastic in this scene. Maria makes a point, but don't let that stop you from rubbing one out. Just sayin.

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