Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let's Join Lisa Sparxxx and Root for the Vikings!

Okay, we'll try this again. Last week I became an Eagles fan for a day, and I joined all of my favorite sexy Eagles fans in rooting against the Dark Lord Jerry Jones and his evil minions. Despite going green for a day, my adopted team was publicly humiliated for a second consecutive week, suffering a 34-14 butt-fucking at the hands of the hated Cowboys.

This week we summon the favor of the football gods and ask that they grant the Minnesota Vikings a victory in the divisional round over Dallas on Sunday. It's easy for me to root for the Vikes, as Brett Favre may be my favorite football player of all time. And I look better in purple anyway.


We also call upon the help of noted Vikings fan, Lisa Sparxxx to help our cause. Surely the football gods won't refuse this superstar in the pornographic arts, who possesses one of the most beautiful smiles on Earth. Her tits are spectacular, but her smile has made me one of her most loyal fans through the years. It will be a pleasure to be on her team for a day.

Below we have some pics of Lisa in a sexy Referee's uni.

We also have a sizzling POV video from Lisa, courtesy of tnaflix.

And we have some more elegant shots in black and white. Enjoy!!

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