Friday, January 22, 2010

Tweet(s) of the Week!: Gwen Dolan


Our tweets of the week come from the unbelievable Gwen Dolan. I've been a big fan of this lady for a long time, but regrettably, I haven't devoted nearly enough space talking about her here at BBWF. We'll make up for that.

On Tuesday Gwen tweeted this:

"So I quit smoking last Friday, cold Turkey. Day 5 and I'm bitch slapping my internal addict to tell her to shut the hell up! Change is hard. "

I know many of you can identify with this struggle, and we wish Gwen all the best in this healthy life decision. I'm sure that she is strong enough to defeat the cancer sticks, and this will no doubt benefit every aspect of her life. Good job, Gwen!

In other tweeting news, Gwen sent this lovely tweet to yours truly on Thursday:

"Just read your review of All BBW cams on your blog. Thanks for the mention (and about my voice, I'm totally flattered)! =)"

She's referring to this post from late 2009. I give you this tweet because 1) it shows Gwen's genuine appreciation for her fans, and 2) I am profoundly flattered and star struck at the thought that someone whom I respect as much as Gwen actually read a piece of my blog. Gwen, you're the sweetest!

With that, we have a few more pics from Gwen's awesome website (below). Go there and give her your money, and, of course follow her on twitter.

And if you're into the webcam thing, check her out here. You will not be disappointed. She's a goddess physically, and there aren't very many camgirls with a personality as delightful as Gwen's.

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