Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Synful Dame vs. Maria Moore

The second round of the BBW Sweet 16 tournament (maybe we should call this round "The Erotic Eight") continues with one of our "Cinderella" stories, Synful Dame, taking on a BBW Powerhouse in Maria Moore:


This one was bloody, people. On paper, this matchup looks lopsided; Maria is a veteran who knows the business and has established herself as a true star, and SD is still finding herself in this game. But when this matchup began, it was clear that our Carolina cutie wasn't backing down. She wasn't even the least bit scared, and she looked Maria in her eyes (and she took a glance at those giant tits as well) and gave her a vicious fight.

Ultimately because of SD's uniqueness and artistic talents, she takes this matchup by a slight margin. I love Maria, and there is no disputing her beauty and charm, but SD is doing things that no other BBW model has done before, and it will take her far in this industry. It will also make her successful in any area of Photography or Videography (I wish her the utmost success in this field, by the way)... and it gets her to the Final Four. Our winner:

I love love love this photo!!! Click it for a look at SD's latest blog entry.

Next up, The Muse takes on Samantha 38g... at some point today.


  1. Aw man, thanks again!!
    I feel like I should have a speak or something..lol

    This is so cool!


  2. Scarlette, that's a competition I'd pay to see!