Friday, March 26, 2010

Simone Stephens vs. Jade Parker

We continue our Sweet 16 with a matchup, from the Left Breast Bracket, of two amazing ladies who are both becoming stars in BBW porn, Simone Stephens and Jade Parker:


This one was a tough hard fought battle because both ladies are very beautiful and both have garnered a strong following in the industry. While neither has reached the level of superstardom, they are definitely on that path. Because of the many directions in which Jade's career is going at the moment, she wins this matchup by a very narrow margin. While I believe that Simone is the best hardcore BBW performer in the world at the moment, Jade gets the advantage because in addition to hardcore work for The Score Group, she also has her own website, and it is one of the hottest any BBW has ever created. Jade has also mentioned that she will be doing work for PlumperPass at some point. Also, Jade is multi-faceted in her approach to this profession, as she is learning the technical side of the business as well. And in a contest of pure physical beauty, there are few women on Earth, much less in this little tournament, who could match her. The girl is just fucking hot!! Really fucking hot! Our winner:

Look for the next Sweet 16 matchup, as Dawn P. takes on Penny Lane. Not sure when it will be up, but it's sure to be a dogfight. (Uh, "dogfight" is not the right word at all, but you know what I mean.)


  1. Oh wow, this is super cool, thank you so very much! I am blushing over here! Kisses!