Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Booby Tuesday: Sam or Saph?

From left: Sapphire, Samantha 38g

It's Tuesday, so I thought I'd give you a quick titty post. I believe this is an old update from Sam's site, but yesterday PlumperPass gave us an unbelievable threesome that featured four of the most beautiful breasts on planet Earth.

The scene doesn't disappoint; the ladies are lovely of course, and the sex is raw and real, with Seth ravaging the women with the same relentless passion that any of us would if we ever got the chance. And Samantha's banter throughout the clip is hilarious.

As I went through the pics, I noticed that there is fodder for a nice debate here, a sort of "Ginger vs. Mary Ann" thing. If you had to choose, who would it be, Samantha or Sapphire? Personally, I would give the ever so slight edge to Saph. I have a thing for redheads and there is something about the way she moans that drives me crazy. There is a point in the clip where she gets eaten out and comes in Seth's face. Her reaction to this is incredible.

Let us know your choice in the comments, and enjoy the pics. Later, people.


  1. I'd have to give the edge to sapphire as well. If we were doing it on tits only it would be sam, but saph's eyes have the squirt cum all over my face look that puts her over the top...

  2. Both - I want them both - hot Sapphire and Sam are killer - combo them with Ms Dawn P and Sophia Rose every guys fanasty