Friday, March 5, 2010

Tweet of the Week!: Kandi Kobain

Hope everyone is having a great Friday. I am still putting our regular BBWF features on hold for a bit, but there was something in the BBW porn world today that caught my attention, so I'll share it with you.

Kandi Kobain, BBW porn veteran and beautiful Texas girl, is featured in today's PlumperPass update, and it is one of the hottest scenes they have ever posted. I have just watched excerpts from the scene before posting here, and I am very impressed. I have always been a fan of Kandi's; I have seen a bit of her other work, and I have followed her on Twitter for a little while now. But today's shoot was her best work to date, and, in my mind, an instant BBW porn classic. I have never seen her more passionate and intense in a scene. Why is this?

Our Tweet of the Week will provide the answer. Earlier today, Kandi tweeted:

"lol... it was so much fun and OMG Ramon's cock is HUGE!! Felt soooooo good!!!"

Ramon's cock

I know, not the most insightful of tweets, but it is interesting to think about. This tweet was Kandi's response to another BBW about how much fun she had in the scene. Note the 5 exclamation points and 6 o's in "so." It is clear that Kandi had so much fun in the scene because of the size of Ramon's cock.

I point this out because cock size not only matters to some of the women in a porn scene, but it also enhances the experience for viewers as well... yes, the male viewers. Personally, I was just as excited to see Ramon as I was to see Kandi, not because I want Ramon to fuck me, but because I know that when a woman genuinely enjoys the sexual experience being filmed, it really comes across on screen. Ramon is a veteran of mainstream porn, doing most of his work on bangbros, and his scenes are usually outstanding because... well... the girls love his cock.

Kandi is louder and more enthusiastic in this scene than any BBW I've seen on PP, and we have Ramon to thank for that. It's great that more well-hung individuals are embracing the BBW side of porn. Hopefully we'll see more of Ramon, even though he kinda creeps me out a little.

Below we have a few more pics from the shoot. And here is the trailer. It truly is a fantastic scene, and I believe that Kandi will be back for more PP shoots.

So do you agree with my desire to see well-endowed males in hardcore BBW scenes, or are you so fixated on the women that it really isn't an issue? I'd love to hear your take. And feel free to question my masculinity in the comments.

And, of course, follow Kandi on twitter.

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