Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Booby Tuesday: Rikki Waters


It's a busy time for me, so I have little to say at the moment... and much work to do. Plus I have just had a very alarming realization about the direction in which my life is headed, and I am extremely troubled as I write this. People, Chuck has got to get his shit together!

But Tuesdays are for Boobies, and today Rikki Waters joins us again on BBWF. My love for Rikki is well documented, here and elsewhere. I've proposed to Rikki mulitple times in the PlumperPass viewer comment section (I'm "CCCBBW"on PP, if you're curious). This woman's work is incredible, and she really has a delightful personality. She also loves her fans, so you should follow her on twitter.

The pics are from Rikki's most recent PlumperPass shoot, a shoot that you would be foolish to ignore. Also, visit Rikki's site. You'll find that her PP work is pretty tame by comparison.

And don't forget to watch for Rikki's matchup against Asshley in the first round of the BBW sweet 16.

I will now return to evaluating my life...


  1. OMG I didn't know CCCBBW was u. SO COOL. And I absoluty DO love my fans and ADORED this blog! You made my day, week, I am all smiles!

  2. The comment above makes this blogging thing totally worth it. Thanks, Rikki!