Friday, March 26, 2010

Penny Lane vs. Dawn P.

We have yet another stellar matchup from the Right Breast bracket between two unbelievable BBWs, Penny Lane and Dawn P.


This may be the toughest matchup so far in the Tourney. Both women are primarily web models; both are of the larger variety; both possess amazing breasts. It was extremely difficult to choose a winner in this one, but ultimate for a number of reasons, the underdog, Penny Lane comes out victorious. Penny wins this one over Dawn because she is more well rounded in the industry. Dawn is obviously prettier than most models, and she has many men, including our friend Buck, under her spell. But Penny is a bit more diverse in her activity in the business, and there is just a sexiness about Penny that I personally don't see in Dawn, despite her surreal beauty, or most women for that matter. Also, Penny wins in the website category as well. Her site is full of great pics and videos that, in my humble opinion, are a bit more creative and edgier than Dawn's. Penny has also become one of the more popular models on allbbwcams.

Dawn is a goddess, and I am one of her biggest fans, but she is slightly edged out by Penny. Ultimately, these matchups come down to which woman Chuck likes the best, and I love me some Penny Lane. Your winner:

Our next matchup will feature Rikki Waters and Big Butt Asshley, another tough contest. Not sure when it will take place, as I am writing this with my Lady in the house. So it'll be posted at some point tonight (hopefully).


  1. Penny has my vote!!! mmmmmmm them nipples drive my crazy!!


  2. You and me both, SD, you and me both...

  3. I love me some Ms. Dawn P - I am bias but Penny lane is hot. I think Dawn is hotter. Thanks for the mention and love the blog. My final four in the B-Ball was sacked already but I do love your choices in the right & left side bracket. Keep up the great work.


  4. Thanks, Buck. And don't feel bad... my final four got shot to shit after the first round.