Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kelli Staxx is a dirty, dirty girl

I'm gonna say something that may sound offensive at first, but I mean absolutely no harm: Kelli Staxxx looks dirty.

I mean this in a completely complimentary way, people, so don't judge me. And don't judge Kelli either, she just has this dirty sexiness about her that makes my mind go to dark places whenever I see her. She looks like a girl who you'd meet at a bar, and take her to a bathroom stall and fuck her stupid... and then ask her for her name. And I love it! She makes me wish I would have taken advantage of some of the opportunities I had with some of the looser women of my past that I was too shy to seize upon. I'll regale you with some of those stories at some point. And Ms. Chuck, my real life BBW love, is the ultimate Good Girl, so I don't get to walk on the wild side very often, not that I'm complaining.

But at BBWF, Dirty = Good, and Kelli is deliciously dirty... and I'm sure she is very sweet as well.

Kelli has done some excellent work at PlumperPass, among other places, and she has become one of the porn world's hottest BBW performers. She has a new update on PP right now, and it is beautifully dirty, and she does anal (I don't completely understand the fascination with anal, but I mention it because you may appreciate it).

Below we have some more pics from the update. Kelli's natural beauty and sexiness make this one the very best photo sets I've ever seen on PP. She is truly a beautiful woman, so I hope you enjoy.

Kelli didn't quite make the field, but the BBW Sweet 16 continues today, with two matchups. It should be posted very soon.

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