Sunday, March 7, 2010

In the Midst...

... of my most stressful season, so this won't be the most inspired thing I've ever posted. But there are some things that I feel compelled to pass along, as I take a short break from the beautiful novel Of Love and Other Demons, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (above). He is also the author of Love in the Time of Cholera, and he has instantly become one of my favorite writers. You should read his work.

... We'll start with a video that caught my attention earlier this week. It's one of those jackpots I hit sometimes when I am just fooling around on the Net. I wasn't looking for it, but I am so glad I found it.

What? A Belladonna scene on BBWF?!! Yup.

I post it because, well, first of all I find all women beautiful, and despite my activity on a plus size porn blog, I really don't have a size preference, I simply adore BBWs. Skinny women are beautiful in their own right, and I should probably acknowledge that. And Belladonna is one of my favorite porn actresses. I even put her in a higher place on my list than many BBWs.

Also I post this scene because it is just so beautiful. It is one of the most natural, passionate sex videos I have ever posted. There are no props, or wild toys, or kinky quirks or fetishes. Just two people going at it like animals, and it's amazing. It really appears that both parties are truly enjoying themselves, and it really makes a difference to the viewer. The video shows just how wonderful sex can be, and it underscores how idiotic it is when people (I am looking at you, religious right) demonize and repress their sexuality. Also it shows how important chemistry is in filming a porn scene. These two clearly have it, and it makes for an unbelievable experience for the viewer.

I don't always see this same passion in BBW porn, even though I enjoy it immensely. I still think there needs to be more scenes like the one above for lovers of larger women. They're out there, but just not as much as I would like.

... to balance things out we give you Hillary Hooterz, from her Exploited Chubbies shoot. A great scene to watch as we get ready for baseball season. It's also beautiful, and Hillary is a goddess, but I still think there is more passion and chemistry in the Belladonna scene. Just sayin.

... I came across an interesting article in the Huffington Post this morning about the US nuclear arms budget. It proposes that we cut nuclear arms spending in order to provide funds needed to reform our healthcare system. It cites the absence of the Soviet threat as the major reason for this.

The Official ipod of BBWF

... Our ipod selection comes from Gang Starr. It is a song from my youth that calls to mind memories of my love for true hip-hop. I was passionate about this artform as a youngster, and I still am to a certain extent, and Gang Starr is one of the reasons. Here is "The Meaning of the Name."

I post this because of the scare that rocked the music world in the past several days. Guru, the sublime voice that you hear on this track suffered a massive heart attack and went into a coma, and many were almost giddy over his impending death. But despite premature reports to the contrary, Guru made it through surgery and will hopefully make a full recovery.

... Recently we featured a young lady (above) on our Random Hotness photo stream that was unbelievably gorgeous. I didn't know her name, but I was so enamored with her that I had to mention her. Well, thanks to our friend Synful Dame, we now know the identity of this insanely beautiful lady. Her name is Baddass Brunette or Baddass B.

I went to allbbwcams yesterday in search of you know who, and discovered that Baddass (love that name!) is now camming on the site. I didn't chat with her, but I am excited to see more of this young woman on the Web. She may be a rising star.

... The Oscars are tonight, and since I am a big movie buff, I'll be watching. I won't give a long list of predictions, but I will endorse one of my favorite films and performances.

Crazy Heart should be a best picture nominee in my opinion. But despite this oversight, Jeff Bridges is the clear favorite for Best Actor. It was a truly phenomenal performance, as Bridges completely disappeared into Bad Blake. Out of all the movies that will be talked about tonight, Crazy Heart is the one you absolutely must see. And I am hoping The Hurt Locker edges out Avatar for Best Picture.

... and with that I leave you. Hopefully your Sunday will be more enjoyable than mine. I will now return to my novel... and other stressful boring shit.

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