Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rikki Waters vs. Asshley

Our tournament continues, and even if you don't have any rooting interest in these matchups, you have to admit that this beats the shit out of basketball, huh?

Today, our darling Rikki Waters takes on Big Butt Asshley in a fairly even matchup from the Right Breast Bracket:


Asshley (Don't you love a BBW in jeans?)

Asshley is one of my faves simply because she is just so beautiful. She may be the curviest woman on Earth, as she possesses a backfield that, as we can see above, a pair of blue jeans can scarcely contain. And she is insanely cute. There are some women on the Web that make me swoon because they are not just women whose pictures I can rub one out to, but they are women whom I would date in a heartbeat, and Asshley is one of them. I got a bit of a crush on this girl, and that is probably how she found herself in the field. Her site is awesome in that she simply takes amazing photos; no hardcore, and little nudity. But Asshley represents the perfect pear shaped BBW, and I love her work.

Rikki is someone who I cannot get enough of. She is one of the most well rounded performers in this field; she is into everything, including hardcore and BDSM, and she does it all well. She can fuck and suck, and on the next day she can dominate and humiliate you... and make you love it. Since I discovered her in her first Plumperpass shoot, I have been smitten with this woman. Above all else, she is a porn performer who truly enjoys what she does; she's a superfreak, and I think that is beautiful.

So this matchup ultimately comes down to diversity of talent, and Rikki's multitude of skills gives her the slight edge over her big butted opponent. Our winner:

Rikki's Youtube channel lets you into her unique personality, it's pretty interesting.

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